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Technological improve and curtains have more and more functions nowadays.Thermal curtains, noise reducing curtains,Ultraviolet radiation absorbing curtains and so on.Do you know all characters of curtains? How does a curtain achieve its effect? And how should we do to choose a curtain for home decor? In order to answer these questions. Today we are going to share you some knowledge about curtains here.

Thermal curtain means it can block sunshine or strong light in the summer day and keep room cool, and keep room warm in cold winter. Thermal curtains use special fabric under a digital segmentation techniques process and go through a perfect woven technical preparation thus achieve a great achievement for hot summer and cold winter days.

When you hanging up the thermal curtains. A room temperature would reduce 10 degree than before without a thermal curtain.A thermal curtain can reflect 60% sunshine out in summer day, and keep the same degree of 60% heat in winter day to increase the indoor temperature in cold winter..


When select a thermal curtain, you should choose the right item which is really made from insulation materials.You will see its function characters when you know what fabric a curtain is made of.It is better to buy curtain form Brand stores for which can guarantee the curtain's quality and brand stores have great service even the after-sale service.Also you have to check a curtain workmanship carefully when you buying a curtain in the curtain market or Brand store.

Thermal curtains


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